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Sheaoak Log Estate vineyard, owned by National Vineyard Fund of Australia (No.3) Limited (“NVFA3L”), is located in the western hills of the famous Barossa Valley region approximately 60km northeast of Adelaide in South Australia.
The vineyard, on land owned by NVFA3L, was established in 2004 under the National Viticultural Fund of Australia No.3 Managed Investment Scheme (“MIS”) and 2006 under the National Viticultural Fund of Australia No.5 MIS.

The MIS’ were merged into their land owning company, NVFA3L, in 2014 and 2015 and now operate as a simplified business in the form of an unlisted public company.

Today, the vineyard is planted on 90ha of quality land in the Barossa Valley geographical indication.  Of this land, 80 ha has been developed to ‘in-demand’ red varieties.

The original vineyards were planted from 2004 to 2006 to 3 red (Shiraz, Grenache & Merlot) and 2 white varieties (Chardonnay & Viognier).  Since 2011, FABAL Operations, the manager of the property, has replanted (predominantly by grafting) approximately 20% of the vineyards.  This continues today and on completion, the vineyard will be predominantly Shiraz with reasonable plantings of Merlot, Grenache and a small amount of Cabernet and Mataro.

The vineyard is developing a solid reputation for growing B (and A) grade super-premium red grapes for inclusion into some of the most famous Australian brands, including Jacobs Creek, Grant Burge, Hentley Farm and Langmeil.

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2018 Annual Report


As a shareholder in NVFA3L, information relating to your business is contained in the shareholder information section. 

2018 Vintage Report


FABAL Operations updated all shareholders on the preliminary outcome of the 2018 Vintage. 

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